mr.developer 1.3 – Fewer surprises

The last releases of mr.developer (1.2 and 1.3) reduce the amount of surprises.

The packages from auto-checkout are now automatically added and removed from the list of development packages when you switch buildout configurations. Before you had to run develop reset and rerun buildout for that to work. If you have an existing checkout, you may want to reset it, so that this change is picked up.

The last used buildout configuration is now read directly. That means if you change source declarations in your buildout configuration, then you don’t have to rerun buildout anymore for mr.developer to pick up those changes. You still have to run buildout after changing the develop status of a package, but that’s the same as with a plain buildout without mr.developer.

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Snakes on a cat!

Since I started to tame the snakepit, I made many improvements to make it even less scary.

The python buildout now auto detects the platform you are on, so it works for many more systems then just Mac OS X without a custom configuration. On Mac OS X it automatically detects whether you are on Leopard or Snow Leopard. Since today it also works on Snow Leopard with 32bit CPUs.

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