Snakes on a cat!

Since I started to tame the snakepit, I made many improvements to make it even less scary.

The python buildout now auto detects the platform you are on, so it works for many more systems then just Mac OS X without a custom configuration. On Mac OS X it automatically detects whether you are on Leopard or Snow Leopard. Since today it also works on Snow Leopard with 32bit CPUs.

Published in: on November 5, 2009 at 10:31 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. Hey Florian,

    great job man, it works flawlessly! 🙂

    Any chance to also add support for Python 2.3? From times to times we always have to mess with legacy code that don’t run on newer Python versions…

    — deo

    • No Python 2.3 support from my side. Python 2.4 already was a pain to get working.
      Feel free to add a config for it though if you get it working. On non Mac OS X it shouldn’t be hard.

  2. Huge thanks and kudos! I jumped into the Snow Leopard cage without looking first. I’d have a lot of scratches if it weren’t for your python buildout.

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